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Border Collies

I have always loved Border Collies. My infatuation with the breed started as a young child, visiting my Grandmother’s farm. She had a few different Border Collies and Border Collie crosses that were used to help work the cattle and sheep. Analyzing how fulfilled these dogs were, having a job to do, made me realize at a very young age that this is a breed that wants to work with their person. When I was 8 years old I started dog walking. My favourite dog, Daisy, was a Border Collie crossed with an Australian Shepherd. Everyone joked that Daisy was more my dog than anybody else’s. From the age of 8 through 13, I walked Daisy every single day. I lived on the edge of the city so I would walk through cow pastures and take her down to the creek. I taught her to jump over just about anything. Each week I would teach her new tricks and her humans would always be blown away! I fell in love with how eager this breed was to learn what you wanted from them. And how quickly they picked up on new trick

Border Collie’s are not for the couch potato life. They require a lot of activity to be fulfilled and content. Not just by walking, but also stimulation of new scenery and challenges. From working livestock, to hiking the mountains, to swimming, to running, to fly ball, agility, and frisbee… A Border Collie is one of the best partners to have to complete your active lifestyle!

Introducing My Border Collies:

Buddha is my health tested, dainty, 20 pound, smooth coated, female, Black & White Border Collie. She has beautiful conformation! Her sire was a registered, champion working cow dog. Buddha is a highly driven girl. She has an intense desire to work livestock out on the farm and is a sweet, snuggle bug indoors. Buddha is my number one dog that I use to help me rehabilitate behavioural dogs during my Canine Etiquette Course. She is a confident – dominant girl, without being aggressive. She has a way of teaching dogs with poor interactive skills how to initially meet new dogs and socialize confidently and politely. She teaches aggressive dogs how to be more submissive and teaches submissive dogs how to be stronger. Buddha has been DNA Health Tested and is clear from 214 genetic diseases.

Ocean is my gorgeous, health tested, Slate Merle, male, Border Collie. He has got a beautiful long coat and perfect conformation. He has a soft disposition and does not have a prey drive. Ocean is soft natured, submissive, and kind. He adores all animals and humans. Anybody who wants to give him love is his best friend. He’s extremely eager to please and learn. Ocean has been DNA Health Tested and is clear from 214 genetic diseases.

Promise is the newest addition to our breeding program. She is a stunning Red Tri, long coated, female, Border Collie. She has great conformation! Promise has the temperament of a Golden Retriever. She has a naturally nurturing personality in which I took notice of while I was pregnant with my first son. As she licked and nuzzled my tummy I knew she was special. Promise accepts every new human no matter the age or gender, animal no matter the size, and scenario with an open heart and a welcoming smile. Yes, she smiles! And it will melt your heart! Promise is soft natured, submissive, kind, and loyal. Promise has been DNA Health Tested and is clear from 214 genetic diseases.

Arore is my ABCA Registered, Health Tested, Lilac female. I imported Arore from
California and drove all the way to Vancouver to pick her up! This sweet baby girl is an absolute gem! She is low energy, eager to please, low-zero prey drive, and has the most quiet and beautiful soul. Arore is kind to all animals and my son. She’s extremely submissive towards new humans but loves the attention once she’s comfortable. She’s quite the calm girl. Arore will be bred to an outsider Lilac Merle male from Alberta when her time comes! Lilac is a recessive gene so in order to produce Lilac litters you need two copies of the dilute gene.

Glacier is my CBCA Registered, Health Tested, Red Merle male. Glacier is as sweet as they come. He’s quite submissive, extremely eager to please, has a high prey drive, and high energy! He’s super gentle with my son and is patient with how my son wants to play or cuddle. Glacier’s coat is Harlequin, which means he’s got a white base. With that white pigment blue eyes are a high possibility a lot of the time. His left eye is uniquely half blue and half brown. He will work with me for hours with no quit and is always up for more adventures!

Up and coming for 2023/2024, Arore & Glacier!

Photos and videos will be posted to the WildFree Instagram page once each new litter is born and will continuously post daily updates throughout their 8 week stay with me! Some of the pups will have smooth coats like their dam, Buddha. And some will have long coats like their sire, Ocean. Each pup will be vaccinated, vet checked, and dewormed by 8 weeks of age. Each puppy will start their training during their time at the WildFree farm. Including: Waiting politely for their food, recall, and housetraining. They will be exposed to adults/children of all ages, cats, dogs, and horses.

I want to ensure that each person who purchases a puppy starts off on the right foot. I have written a book of information that has everything you will need to know about raising your dog including: Socialization, Nutrition, and Dog Training! Each person who purchases a puppy will receive this book completely free! Also included with each purchase of a puppy are 4 puppy training sessions that take place at the WildFree farm; to be completed when your puppy is between the ages of 4 – 7 months of age.