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WildFree’s CBD Line For Pets

$70.00 500mg

Canine Wellness Tincture - COMING SOON!

All-natural canine wellness tincture infused with 500mg of hemp-extracted CBD. Formulated to alleviate joint pain caused by inflammation and to relieve stress and anxiety in your pet. Especially well-suited for dogs who suffer from mobility issues, persistent pain and inflammation, chronic conditions associated with age, and behavioral issues such as anxiety and phobias.

Directions: Fill dropper with desired dosage, insert directly into dog’s mouth or mix into food. Administer as needed.

Dosage Guide:

Bottle contains 500mg hemp-extracted CBD

1 Drop = 0.415 mg CBD

Extra Small (3lbs-10lbs) – 3-5 drops

Small (10lbs-22lbs) – 5-10 drops

Medium (22lbs-35lbs) – 10-20 drops

Large (35lbs-80lbs) – 20-40 drops

Ingredients: MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil | hemp-extracted cannabidiol

$35.00 250mg (4-6mg per treat) | Volume: 45g bag

CBD Beef Liver Treats

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