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Canine Etiquette Course


There is never a time where I cut you off from my advice/guidance. I am here for my clients for the long run.

This service is targeted to help dogs who harbour aggression towards other dogs or humans, flight risks (bolting), poor recall, excessive barking, barking at the window or out in the backyard, pull on the leash, have a dominant way of meeting new dogs or people, who suffer from extreme fear or anxiety, reactive on leash, food possession, harbour leash aggression, nervousness/insecurity, over-excitability, or overall poor manners.

My job is to teach you how to communicate with your pup in a way that your pup understands; through proper positioning of your body, timing, and patient-confident energy. My job is to encourage, educate, and give you the knowledge that I possess, about the canine language. I am here to help you every step of the way.

The first step to attending this course is to set up an assessment. I come to your home to observe your pup in their own environment. Or if the issue arises outside of the home, it is there that we would schedule the assessment. This includes a 45-min to an hour of us discussing the issues you’re having with your pup, your goals that you wish to achieve, and observing how you and your pup interacts. There is a $100.00+ GST fee for the assessment if you decide not to book your pup in for the course. If you sign up for the course, the assessment fee is waved.

I always start with teaching each pup my unique “Follow” exercise that I created 6 years ago. I created this specially formulated exercise for several reasons: To bond human and canine, to teach canines to respect the human’s personal space, to gain your pup’s respect and trust along with confidence, to give them a job (to watch you instead of reacting to distractions around them), and to give them a sense of fulfillment. The concept I teach this exercise is in a way so that you and your pup eventually no longer have to rely on equipment such as: leash, collar, and other training tools. They will follow behind you with or without equipment with only mutual respect and understanding. The leash never has tension on it except when gently guiding them. The end result is a shadow effect; a pup who follows your every step; patiently, attentively, and relaxed accepting and avoiding distractions.

Your pup will stay at my farm for 4 weeks. During the 4 week stay, your pup will endure an average of 2 hours of work, daily,(weather permitting) and 6-8 hours of free time to play with the other pups, have alone time to build self esteem/self worth, and explore the fully treed, enclosed Exploration Park . I approach each pup with a different method and come up with the best course of action to meet each specific pup’s needs. Your pup will come on long walks with the pack as well as individually, expose them to new sights and sounds, learn manners inside of the home, experience new people and animals, learn to walk on leash through a group of animals while paying attention to only the human, learn how to appropriately greet and play with other pups, learn to submit objects such as sticks/balls/toys to the human, learn how to interact with many different personality types (human and dog), learn to respect boundaries and personal space, and learn to look to you for direction instead of taking matters into their own paws. (Accepting and avoiding distractions and looking to you for direction).

It is critical, in order for your pup’s progression to continue, that every family member follows the same rules. I will send you everything you need to know: rules, routine changes, feeding, exercises to practice, and homework. Your pup will only act as they do with myself if you react and feel as I do (confident and patient with the correct timing and positioning of your body). Through this process, please keep in mind that it is more about how you feel and the timing in which you approach your pup than what you are actually “doing”. The exercises are very similar with each one of my clients, but the approach in how I teach each new dog and human varies. Every pup learns a different way, just as humans do, so I ensure to modify and adjust to each human and dogs learning capabilities.

My entire approach is to teach humans how to properly communicate to their pup in a way that makes sense to them. I act as a conductor during the human training sessions; directing each body movement, energy, and timing made by each human and animal. The idea is to make the conversation clear between human and dog. The results you wish to see rely on your consistency, hard work, openness to learn and willingness to change.

  • 4 week stay at the farm
  • Daily exposure to new situations, people, places, and animals. Confidence building, interactive skill exercises, confidence building, house training and learning how to accept and avoid distractions. As well as looking to the human for direction rather than reacting negatively while patiently and attentively walking centred, behind the human.
  • 6 human training sessions are included in the Canine etiquette course. After the initial 6 sessions, you’re welcome to schedule more. Additional sessions are $100 per session.

Course outline:

  • During your pup’s 4 week stay at the farm they will endure the following:
  • Learning the Follow, Backwards Shadow, and Forward Shadow exercises
  • Learn to respect the space around the doorway. Wait, be patient and relaxed, and to give eye contact before the human gives the pup the OK to come in or outside of the house.
  • Learn to wait and give eye contact before eating.
  • Learn to wait and give eye contact before coming in or out of vehicles.
  • Learn to respect human’s personal space. Including barking and jumping at guests.
  • Learn not to bark in the yard or at the door/window.

After the 4 week stay I will bring your pup home to you; it is then that we start the first human training session. I will teach you how to communicate to your pup in a way that they understand, along with teach you everything that your pup has learned with me that week. After the initial 1st human training session, we work wherever and on whatever you’d like help with.

Human training sessions start off in your home and then we branch out to your neighbourhood. I come to you, you are not required to drive out to me.