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Feline Nutrition

At 5 weeks of age your kitten has been started on a diet that consists of raw meat with ground bone, muscles meat , and organ inclusion for optimal health! They continue to get nutrition from their mother’s milk until they are 8 weeks old to ensure proper development and for antibodies for a strong immunity. After 8 weeks of being on their mother’s milk and colostrum; Cats of all sizes and breeds are genetically designed to digest raw meat protein. Felines fed a process – free diet develop appropriate bone structure, digestion, immunity, cognitive function, mobility, healthy coat, teeth, and will increase your cat’s lifespan. Cats fed a raw diet develop the appropriate joint and bone strength due to the naturally occurring magnesium, calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin found in bones. Preventing joint issues such as arthritis and hip dysplasia as your cat ages.

Cats are carnivores. Different from dogs, as dogs should have a small amount of vegetation in their diet. Cats need pure, raw animal protein. A lot of cats get diabetes and urinary crystals due to processed feed. The combination of a lack of actual meat content, high levels of sugars, and their body being in a constant state of dehydration. When kibble reaches the stomach it absorbs the cat’s moisture. 

Cats were never designed to digest vegetation or grains. Cats fed a processed feed diet cough up hair balls due to the overwhelming amount of hair their body gets rid of through shedding. The body gets rid of excess hair as a way to get rid of the filler from the food, that the body doesn’t absorb. As cats naturally clean themselves , they end up accidentally ingesting far too much of their own hair.

Cats on a raw diet not only don’t shed, except during spring time to lose their winter coat. In turn they also don’t have hair balls. I have multiple cats, not one single time has a cat ever puked up a hair ball. Due to their body not being designed to break down grains and sugars, the body gets rid of it through plaque and tarter build up in the teeth. My cats and dogs of all ages have sparkling white teeth, including my 12 year old Border Collie.

Now it can be tricky to get cats off of “fast food” and onto something nutrient dense, such as raw meat. The high glycemic (sugar) levels spike their insulin and the body craves those spikes like an addition.

My recommendation would be to purchase a small sample to see if your cat peaks interest.