Puppy Purchase Agreement - Wildfree Canine Services Inc. |
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Puppy Purchase Agreement

  1. You are required to place a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your dog of choice. The difference is due upon picking your dog up, when they are 8 weeks old. I understand that prior to me picking up my dog at the age of 8 weeks old my dog will be vaccinated with his/her first set of shots and first deworming.
  2. I agree to spay/neuter the dog I am purchasing once they are 10 months – a year old. I understand it is crucial to keep their reproductive parts until the dog is fully developed as the hormones are required to help develop appropriate muscles, digestion, joints/bones, cognitive function, and motor function.
  3. I understand I do not have legal breeding rights to the dog that I am purchasing. I agree to alter the dog when he/she is fully developed. I understand legal action will be taken if I am found to be using the dog I am purchasing for breeding purposes.
  4. I agree to return the dog that I am purchasing back to Jax Skorpack with WildFree Canine Services Inc. if my life circumstances change and need to rehome my dog for any reason. I understand there are no refunds on the puppy I am purchasing.
  5. I understand that a Border Collie is an active breed that requires adequate stimulation and exercise. I understand that a Border Collie requires a minimum of 3 hours of activity daily.
  6. I understand that I am fully responsible for veterinarian visits for the dog I am purchasing including but not limited to: emergency, follow up vaccinations, deworming and regular exams.
  7. I understand a raw meat diet is the most biologically appropriate food for my dog. I agree to feed my dog a raw meat based diet. I understand that WildFree Canine services is a distributor for raw dog and cat food and conveniently delivers to Calgary and surrounding areas.
  8. If I am unable to feed raw meat due to my lifestyle, I agree to feed a high quality, high meat content based kibble recommended by WildFree Canine Inc.