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Both raw and smoked bones are available. Smoked bones are not heated at a high temperature, so they are easily digestible. These chews and bones are not treated with any chemical preservatives.

  • Large marrow: $11.55
  • Large knuckle: $11.55
  • Half Dino: $15.75
  • Full Dino: $31.50
  • Small marrow: $7.35
  • Small knuckle: $7.35
  • Bully stick 12”: $12.60
  • Bully stick 6”: $6.30
  • Rib bones 12” (pack of 3): $10.50
  • Pig ears (pack of 4): $16
  • Pig Ears (each): $4.50
  • Raw Chicken Necks (2lb Bag): $10.50
  • Raw Whole Chicken Backs (2lb Bag): $10.50

Please fill out the order form below. Orders and payments are due on the 20th of each month. Deliveries are on the 30th of each month.

Raw Pet Food

Dogs should be ingesting only 10% veg and 90% raw meat in their daily diet. Steam or roast veggies in the beginning of each week then add 1/4 cup to each meal for large dogs and 1/4 cup daily for small dogs. (Yams, squash, zucchini, peas, pumpkin, string beans, beets, carrots, Swiss chard, potatoes, or steamed spinach are some great options. Most fruits except grapes and citrus fruits are a fantastic source of fibre and vitamins as well! DO NOT FEED THE VEGGIES RAW. They’re not dangerous given raw, but more so uncomfortable. Raw veggies are hard on their system, harder to break down, and tough to digest. Toxic or hard to digest: onions, garlic, grapes, tomatoes, apples, or raw carrots. Please message me if you have questions regarding your dog’s stool, coat, behaviour, allergies, or anything else! I have a huge passion for natural remedies!


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