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Bringing balance between human and canine

Welcome to WildFree Canine Services Inc. I provide numerous services targeted towards canines. Some people believe in dominance training, and some believe in positive reinforcement training. I use neither methods. I believe in mastering the canine language so that I can make the conversation between owner and pup clearer. I have had great success with this method with my past and current clients.

There is nothing wrong with your dog.

A canine’s behaviour is a reflection of which you are communicating to them. Each time you interact with an animal, you are communicating with them. Now, every creature interprets a conversation differently. Some dogs may take your kind nature and become kind and soft themselves. Other dogs may interpret your kind nature as a sign of weakness, therefore feeling the need to protect that weaker energy. At no fault of your own, you have given that dog the job to patrol and take care of you and your family. That is why, at WildFree, I approach each pup with a unique set of methods, timing, and energy. As no creature learns the same way as the other. And when it comes time for the human training, I accommodate to each person’s learning capability and pace; so that everyone learns how to communicate to their dog exactly what you are trying to say to them.

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My job is to encourage, educate, and give you the knowledge that I possess, about the canine language. I am here to help you every step of the way.

Exploration Vacation

This is not a boarding facility, this is a home away from home. Packed full with adventures and love!


We are proud to sell Dog Food, smoked bones, and our new line of merchandise!

WildFree Canine Services Inc.

Wild Canines live in groups called packs. When these different groups run into another group of dogs there is automatic confrontation. Any other dog outside of that pack is seen to be an enemy.

Some people have asked me, “why is my dog OK with our family but shows aggression or nervousness towards other people/animals. It is in a dog’s nature to be a part of only one family, one group, one pack. So it is up to their human to show their dog that these other groups/packs are safe. It is up to the human to give their dog the peace of mind that they are safe when they are with you, that the other “groups” in the world are not enemies, and to give your dog the confidence in you that you will be able to handle anything that life throws your way. This does not come from coddling your dog and telling him, “everything is going to be alright”. All your dog perceives that as is “what you’re feeling is how I want you to be feeling right now”. You’re rewarding anxiety/aggression without purposefully meaning to do so.

At WildFree I teach you how to give off a confident patient energy, minimize your verbalization towards your dog (as that is perceived as uncertainty on your behalf), and do not get frustrated, aggressive, or impatient with your dog.

Not all dogs are reactive or nervous towards the other “groups” in the world. But for those of them that are, be patient with them. Understand where they come from. They’re reacting exactly how nature intended.

And remember, no relationship works without trust from both parties. You need to put your trust into your dog in order for him to feel like you’re confident with the situation.

What People Say


Riding bareback allows you to feel the horse, be one with the animal, and work as one. When you remove equipment you are working towards communicating with the animal, rather than controlling and containing them. Animals were never meant to wear a leash & collar or have a saddle on their back and a bridle on their face. Let it be, keep everything as natural as possible. Which is why, at WildFree, I come from communication, removing the equipment. I do not contain and control, we work together.

It’s not so much about being dominant over your dog so that he respects you. I like my Canine friends to trust me and work with me as a partner. When I work with behavioural dogs and their humans, I don’t start a new case, going into it with the mindset of, “you need to control your dog.” I go into it with the goal in mind of, giving your dog the peace of mind that you are able to handle any situation that life throws your way. It’s about reversing the roles of “protector of the house”. It’s about being the person that takes the weight off of their shoulders and takes one for the team!

I think about it like as if you were stranded on an island, after a plane crash, with other survivors. There is 1 person who seems to have a good head on his shoulders, maybe some tracking or hunting skills, and is confident and friendly. Typically that is the person in which everybody tends to follow in crisis. Now, if you’re one of the followers in this situation, you’re not thinking that this person who has decided to take all of you under his wing, is above you. You’re not thinking he’s controlling you, belittling you, or making you feel as though you are being punished… NO, you respect him, you put your trust in him, and you choose to follow him because he’s given you a bit of hope that things are under control and are going to be OK.

This is how I approach my human training sessions, it is all about reversing those roles and taking that weight off of your dogs shoulders so that he can live stress free without the worries of continuously feeling the need to patrol and protect you.